Users' Passwords Stored Mistakenly in Plaintext by Facebook

22nd March 2019 Dawood Khan

If you are one of the affected users, your Facebook or Instagram password was readable to some of the Facebook engineers who have internal access to the servers and the database. The social media company did not mention exactly what component or application on its…

hacking facebook account passwords

Mirai Adds New Exploits to Target IoT Devices

22nd March 2019 Dawood Khan

A new variant of the infamous Mirai botnet has been discovered, this time targeting embedded devices intended for use within business environments to carry out…

mirai botnet enterprise security

26 Million Accounts Up For Sale On Dark Web

18th March 2019 Dawood Khan

Hack Hex received an email from a Pakistani hacker, who goes by online alias Gnosticplayers. The hacker has previously hacked dozens of popular websites from…

New WordPress Vulnerability Discovered

14th March 2019 Dawood Khan

It is highly recommended that you immediately upgrade your WordPress to the latest version before hackers take advantage of a newly disclosed vulnerability. A researcher…

hacking wordpress website exploit

3 Million New Users Joined Telegram Within 24 hours

14th March 2019 Dawood Khan

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram faced an outage yesterday with users from around the world reporting issues with sending messages on WhatsApp and Messenger and accessing…

encrypted telegram messenger