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Monitor Your Teens through Parental Control App

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Monitor Your Teens through Parental Control App

There are a number of parental control apps in the market these days. They offer almost the same features and commands. But there is a huge difference the way they work. For this reason, we experimented with over a dozen spy apps to check which one is the best and why it is so. We spent a week while testing these apps and learned something interesting.

Most of the apps claim to have the best and advanced features. They also have expensive packages. Their customer support is fine. But when it comes to using the apps, they cannot help the users. Features are useless as they don’t work. For example, if you have to track calls, the feature will stop working at the most crucial moment. This was the biggest issue we noticed with most of the app.

However, there was one exception to all this and that was Android tracker app. This parental control software was wonderful in our experience and urge the users to test it and check on their own for satisfaction. We are going to discuss the features and the best things about BlurSPY app because it was the ultimate winner.

Features in the Most Advanced Parental Control App

BlurSPY offers a wide range of features. There are over 20 features offered by the app. It is an ideal option for users who want to use it as a parental control app. It will help you track your children with ease and flawlessly. Let’s talk about the best features of BlurSPY Android spying.

Phone Call Tracker

This feature is the need of every parent when they have to track the phones of their children. The call tracker allows the parents to spy on the phone calls of their teens and kids. You can intercept live calls as well as record them at any moment. This feature will let you find out who your kids talk to.

Text Message Tracker

Here comes another useful feature that parents will need the moment they have to track their kids. With this feature, parents can prevent sexting in their kids. The feature allows parents to check all the sent and received text messages. Parents will be able to see the message activities of their children and kids.

GPS Location Tracker

For parents, the biggest concern is where the children will be when they leave their school for home. So this feature is designed for such parents who take too much stress when it comes to the locations and security of their children. You can track the live locations of your children and protect them in the best possible way.

Social Media Monitoring

In this modern-day world, it is important that parents improve their parental control. This can be done if parents keep eyes on the social media activities of their children. The use of social apps is leading to a number of issues in teens including security risks. So BlurSPY has offered this feature to make it easy for the parents to protect their teens.

Screen Recorder Feature

You will not find this feature anywhere else in any other spy app. BlurSPY is the only app that has introduced this advanced feature. It is the mother of all spying features. You can do anything with this option. From tracking locations to checking messages, hacking social media apps, spying on WhatsApp, Messenger, and other apps- this feature can do anything.

Best Things about the Most Advanced Parental Control App

We saw how the phone spy app is the best option for all parents for perfect parental control. There are many other things you may not read anywhere else. So below are the few more things and they are the best ones about BlurSPY.

  • The app works in the background so the target person will never detect it.
  • BlurSPY offers many unique and advanced features.
  • It is more affordable and way cheaper than other apps.
  • It works flawlessly and has no performance issues at all.
  • It is the most advanced spy tool at the moment.
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