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Turning Pre-Installed Antivirus on Xiaomi Into Malware

8th April 2019 Dawood Khan

A security app that comes pre-installed on more than 150 million devices manufactured by Xiaomi, China's biggest and world's 4th largest smartphone company, was suffering from multiple issues that could have allowed remote hackers to…

xiaomi antivirus malware

Police Can Not Force You To Unlock Your Phone

19th January 2019 Dawood Khan

A Northern California judge has ruled that federal authorities can't force you to unlock your smartphone using your fingerprints or other biometric features such as facial recognition—even with a warrant.…

phone fingerprint unlock

Chrome for Android Flaws Patched 3 Years After Disclosure

5th January 2019 Dawood Khan

The vulnerability, which has not yet given any CVE number, is an information disclosure bug that resides in the way the Google Chrome for Android generates 'User Agent' string containing…

google chrome for android