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Turning Pre-Installed Antivirus on Xiaomi Into Malware

8th April 2019 Dawood Khan

A security app that comes pre-installed on more than 150 million devices manufactured by Xiaomi, China's biggest and world's 4th largest smartphone company, was suffering from multiple issues that could have allowed remote hackers to…

xiaomi antivirus malware

UC Browser Bug can Hijack Android Phones Remotely

26th March 2019 Dawood Khan

UC Browser is one of the most popular mobile browsers, specifically in China and India, with a massive user base of more than 500 million users worldwide. According to a…

uc browser android hacking

Beauty Camera Apps Caught Stealing Users' Photos

7th February 2019 Dawood Khan

Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro uncovered at least 29 devious photo apps that managed to make its way onto Google Play Store and have been downloaded more than 4 million times…

beauty android apps hacking

Android API Lets Push Updates Within their Apps

23rd November 2018 Dawood Khan

You might have read somewhere online today that Google is granting Android app developers powers to forcefully install app updates…but it is not true. Instead, the tech giant is providing…

android in-app updates api