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Hacker Puts 127 Million Records Up for Sale

15th February 2019 Dawood Khan

Last week, Hack Hex received an email from a Pakistani hacker who claims to have hacked dozens of popular websites and selling their stolen databases online. During an interview with Hack Hex, the hacker also…

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How to Recover from a Hacked Website?

11th February 2019 Dawood Khan

The number of exploits and tools available to hackers are so vast, and software technologies evolving so rapidly, that it is very possible, maybe likely, that you will experience a…

Russian Hackers Are Still Probing the US Power Grid

29th November 2018 Dawood Khan

In recent years, hacks against the power grid have gone from a mostly theoretical risk to a real-world problem. Two large-scale blackouts in Ukraine caused by Russian cyberattacks in 2015…

Russian Hackers Haven't Stopped Probing the US Power Grid

0-Days in iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi6 Phones

15th November 2018 Dawood Khan

At Pwn2Own 2018 mobile hacking competition held in Tokyo on November 13-14, white hat hackers once again demonstrated that even the fully patched smartphones running the latest version of software…

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StatCounter Hacked to Steal Bitcoins from Users

12th November 2018 Dawood Khan

Late last week an unknown hacker or a group of hackers successfully targeted a cryptocurrency exchange with an aim to steal Bitcoins by compromising the web analytics service it was…

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