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Firefox Send is Available For Everyone

13th March 2019 Dawood Khan

Mozilla has launched its free, end-to-end encrypted file-transfer service, called Firefox Send, to the public, allowing users to securely share large files like video, audio or photo files that can be too big to fit…

firefox send encrypted file sharing service

Google Introduced Faster Storage Encryption for All Low-End Devices

8th February 2019 Dawood Khan

It has long been known that encryption is expensive, as it causes performance issues, especially for low-end devices that don't have hardware support for making the encryption and decryption process…

adiantum file encryption

PyLocky Ransomware Decryption Tool Available

12th January 2019 Dawood Khan

Security researcher Mike Bautista at Cisco's Talos cyber intelligence unit have released a free decryption tool that makes it possible for victims infected with the PyLocky ransomware to unlock their encrypted…

PyLocky free ransomware decryptor