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Millions of Facebook Records Found On Amazon Servers

4th April 2019 Dawood Khan

Half a billion records of millions of Facebook users have been found exposed on Amazon cloud servers. The data do not directly come from Facebook; they were collected and stored by third-party app developers. Researchers…

facebook app database leak

How to Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Location

23rd February 2019 Dawood Khan

Applications with permission to access location service can collect your real-time location secretly, even when you do not use them. Installing the Facebook application on your Android or iOS automatically…

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How to Delete Sent Messages or Photos on Facebook Messenger

7th February 2019 Dawood Khan

Of course, you have. We have all been through drunk texts and embarrassing photos many times that we later regret sending but are forced to live with our mistakes. Good…

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Facebook Paid Teens $20 to Install "Research" App

31st January 2019 Dawood Khan

It turns out that Facebook is paying teenagers around $20 a month to use its VPN app that aggressively monitors their smartphone and web activity and then sends it back…

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The Truth About Facebook's Fake Quest to Connect the World

4th December 2018 Dawood Khan

For its fearsome size and confident leadership, Facebook seems strangely precarious. Maybe it’s my feeling that something that can grow so big so fast might disappear swiftly, too. Or the…

The Truth About Facebook's Fake Quest to Connect the World