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Julian Assange Arrested After Ecuador Withdraws Asylum

13th April 2019 Dawood Khan

According to a concise statement released by London's Metropolitan Police Service, Assange has been arrested instantly after the Ecuadorian establishment today withdraws asylum. As per the police officials, he has now been taken into custody…

Kibana Instances Exposing Elasticsearch Databases

2nd April 2019 Dawood Khan

More than half of the known cases of massive data breaches over the past year originated from unsecured database servers that were accessible to anyone without any password. Since the…

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26 Million Accounts Up For Sale On Dark Web

18th March 2019 Dawood Khan

Hack Hex received an email from a Pakistani hacker, who goes by online alias Gnosticplayers. The hacker has previously hacked dozens of popular websites from companies which, according to him,…

Adobe Patched Critical Flaws in Photoshop CC and Digital Edition

12th March 2019 Dawood Khan

Adobe has released patches for two security vulnerability in its March Security Update. The company today released its security updates to address two critical arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities—one in Adobe…

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GHIDRA 9.0 - Free, Powerful Reverse Engineering Tool

7th March 2019 Dawood Khan

GHIDRA is a Java-based reverse engineering framework which has been designed to run on a variety of platforms including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Reverse engineering a program or software involves…

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