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XDR Takes Breach Protection Beyond Endpoint Security

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XDR Takes Breach Protection Beyond Endpoint Security

Endpoint detection has played a critical role in detecting hacking incidents, but it provides only the view of endpoints, just a portion of the big picture.

Since hackers can explore and exploit, not just a few endpoints, many security experts are reaching the realisation that the attack surface of their organisations is wider than only endpoints.

Hence a broader set of attack vectors and activity data should be examined to get a more complete view of the attack operation.

On top of everything, security solutions must also include cloud, threat intelligence, network data, and logging information.

Say hello to XDR, a proactive approach that provides security practitioners with the full picture. XDR offers a more efficient way to detect and respond to threats.

You can join this webinar on Wednesday, March 6 at 1:00 PM EST, where Zeus Kerravala, founder and Principal Analyst with ZK Research will share his vision on XDR and how it will take organisations to the next age of threat detection.

Many label EDR more as detection platform and less about the response, XDR is entirely different. It provides a clear view of activity across organisation’s environment, it enables security experts to identify, investigate and effectively respond to threats quickly.

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