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Security Update for Apple iOS 12.4.1

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Security Update for Apple iOS 12.4.1

Apple has finally managed to release an update for iOS 12.4.1 to fix a critical jailbreak vulnerability which was previously patched in 12.3 but reintroduced in 12.4 updates.

An anonymous researcher who goes by the alias “Pwn20wnd” released a free jailbreak for iOS 12.4 last week. The method exploited a kernel vulnerability (CVE-2019-8605) that Apple patched in its previous 12.3 update.

However, the vulnerability was accidentally reintroduced in 12.4 update, making it easier for hackers to jailbreak newly updated devices.

In a note, Apple acknowledged “Pwn20nwd” for disclosing the jailbreak publicly. “We would like to acknowledge @Pwn20wnd for their assistance,” the company wrote.

Though Jailbreakers are advising users not to apply iOS 12.4.1 as it closes the exploit, I would personally recommend you to apply the security update as soon as possible if you really care about security.

To install the latest update, which features “important security and stability updates,” navigate to your device’s Settings → General → Software Update and tap “Download and Install” given right at the bottom.

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