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GozNym Malware Creators are Sentenced for Stealing $100 Million

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GozNym Malware Creators are Sentenced for Stealing $100 Million

The criminals used the GozNym banking Trojan to break into more than 4,000 victim computers globally, primarily in the United States and Europe, between 2015 and 2016, and fraudulently steal nearly $100 million from their banking accounts.

In a federal court in Pittsburgh on Friday, Krasimir Nikolov, one of the group’s members, was sentenced to a period of time served after having served over 39 months in prison for his role as an “account takeover specialist” in the scheme, and will now be transferred to Bulgaria.

Nikolov, 47, was arrested in September 2016 by Bulgarian authorities and extradited to Pittsburgh in December 2016 to face federal charges of criminal conspiracy, computer fraud, and bank fraud.

“Nikolov used the victims’ stolen online banking credentials captured by GozNym malware to access victims’ online bank accounts and attempt to steal victims’ money through electronic transfers into bank accounts controlled by fellow conspirators,” the DoJ said in a press release.

Two other GozNym group members sentenced on Friday—Alexander Konovolov and Marat Kazandjian—also participated in the scheme and sentenced to seven and five years of imprisonment, respectively. Both were arrested and prosecuted in Georgia.

The victims of this cybercrime network were primarily U.S. businesses and their financial institutions, including a number of victims located in the Western District of Pennsylvania, though the DoJ did not name any.

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