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Android FIDO2 Certification—Supports Passwordless Logins

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Android FIDO2 Certification—Supports Passwordless Logins

If you have the latest update of Google Play Services, and your Android device is running Android version 7.0—Congratulations! Your device is FIDO2 Certified. What does that mean?

You can now actually use your Android’s built-in fingerprint sensor for secure password-less access to log into applications and websites that supports FIDO2, Google and the FIDO Alliance.

FIDO2 (Fast Identity Online) protocol offers passwordless authentication based on standard public key cryptography using hardware FIDO authenticators.

fido secure password

FIDO2 is a combination of W3C’s API which allows developers to integrate FIDO into web browsers, and FIDO’s Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) so users can login without a password.

Certified devices work on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and supported by all major browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

“Web and app developers can now add FIDO strong authentication to their Android apps and websites through a simple API call, to bring passwordless, phishing-resistant security to a rapidly expanding base of end users who already have leading Android devices and/or will upgrade to new devices in the future,” FIDO Alliance announced.

If your Android device does not have a fingerprint sensor, you can use other methods, like a PIN or swipe pattern that you use to unlock your phone.

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