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How to Bypass iOS 11.4.1 Activation Screen

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How to Bypass iOS 11.4.1 Activation Screen

New iCloud Bypass crash have been found by Tomas K. and reported to Hack Hex. Verified by Ighor July, works with Windows only.

Step 1

Download and install Windows app Dr.Fone Switch from!KhpW1QAB!eZNMO7_jMEIqstccdo5GbQ

Step 2

Connect device on iOS 11.4.1 to Windows PC via USB.

Step 3

Start iOS device and don’t connect to Wi-Fi, press Activate with iTunes.

Step 4

Start Dr.Fone Switch app and press “Switch” button.

Step 5

You will get activation bypassed and dialog of setup Touch ID.

Step 6

Once you see springboard press power button to lock, than unlock again.

Step 7

Warning! Don’t enter passcode.

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