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How to Hack a WPA2 WiFi Hotspot

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How to Hack a WPA2 WiFi Hotspot

This method will open a website on Windows to login with. On android and iPhone it will tell them they will need to sign in to use the hotspot as a popup on their device. 

You can use mdk3 to down their network and boost yours so you have the first in the list. You will need to change your wireless network name to match theirs. To do that, when you clone the GitHub, change the name in hostapd.conf from Public Hotspot to match theirs.

ssid=Public Hotspot

Start a fresh live boot of Kali linux straight from the USB or disc in virtual machine. Make sure you have an internet connection on ethernet and then your wireless adapter not connected. Check your current wireless adapter is wlan0 by typing in:


Once everything is OK.

git clone
cd SocialMediaHotSpot
chmod +x

This will download all the files you need (pre-requisites) then start a wireless hotspot called “Public Hotspot”. It will also start tailing the got.txt file which will contain the passwords people enter.

After they hit login it will notify them with the oauth.html page under /var/www/html with

“Oops, an error occured! Our engineers were notified. Please be patient as we are working on it.”

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