These games aren’t just a way to kill time but often an excellent way to sharpen your hacking skills. In this hacker games list, we’ll look at the top hacking simulator games currently available so you can pick those that best suit your experience or goals.

Slavehack 2


Slavehack 2 is a free online hacking game. You can control a Virtual Operating System and take on the role of an elite hacker. You can also hack your way through Multinational Corporations and rise up against a Massive PVP community. Pretty cool, right? Official website:



Start typing random text to simulate that you’re hacking a computer system. Pretty cool concept for those who want to show off to their friends about their skills. Official website:

– is a game about hacking other players. You can code your way up to the top of the leaderboard. You can also achieve new ranks! Official website:

Alpha Secret Republic


The Secret Republic of Hackers has a futuristic environment where you can even design your own hacking missions. Most of the graphics in this simulator have been designed by volunteer programmers, as well as 50% of the soundtrack. Hacking skills are automatic and random. The user has tools such as viruses and terminal-based missions. Players can participate in battles or games through a network of nodes in which players can hack each other. You can also make use of simulated servers and more. Official website:

Hackers Online


Hackers Online is an MMO hacking Simulator game for Android cellphones. You can upgrade your hardware and software, use your A.I and tools to hack into other players and corporations to steal and decrypt secret files, or join a guild and conspire to gain access to another guild data-centers’ main server and destroy it by planting DDoS bots into other players! Download the app from Google Playstore:

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