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Top 5 Best Websites to Buy & Rent Textbooks Online

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Top 5 Best Websites to Buy & Rent Textbooks Online

Many students are not able to achieve their goals due to expensive study course materials. Every student spends thousands of dollars in his entire life for purchasing textbooks. These are the things that terrify our parents every semester. In the past few years, many gates of opportunities have opened for us to save lots of money. Students can download e-books and study on their mobile and computer. Though they can never match the level of studying from a hard copy. So is there any way to access all the study material at a reasonable cost? Yes, renting textbooks instead of purchasing is the solution.

We pay for textbooks and after a semester gets over we leave in the dust. When textbooks are only used by us for a few months or a year then why we waste money to buy them for a lifetime. Still, some people have the habit to buy and study from their own books. Well in this article I will be sharing Top 5 Best Websites to Buy & Rent Textbooks Online. You can use these websites to buy or rent the desired textbook in a few clicks.

Finding cheap textbooks is a harsh task that every student does at the starting of every semester. Well, we have handpicked some of the best websites to buy textbooks online which will cost you cheaper than ordinary book stores. Whether you want to buy a new textbook or old used textbooks, you can easily get those at the best price point. Save your wallet from weeping under the sky touching the prices of bulky textbooks.

Best Websites to Rent Textbooks Online

Many students are shy to ask their seniors to borrow their books for a semester. These websites to rent textbooks online can help you in this situation. You will not need to ask anyone for books, just pay money and rent your textbooks. Renting textbooks sounds rigid task but it has become an easy task after these online textbook rental websites came up. Well if you buy a textbook then there are several issues faced other than price too. What if your college professor or the book publisher decides that your book edition will no longer be used for studies. In this situation what will you do with your outdated book? It remains of no use and its total waste of money. Similarly, if you rent a textbook you don’t face such situations.


There is no doubt that Chegg is the best online textbook rental website. People who spent hundreds of dollars every semester to purchase their course materials are insane. Chegg provides you the opportunity to rent a textbook at 10% of the maximum retail price which is insane. So if your textbooks for semester costs 150$ then you can rent them just for 15$ on Chegg. If you want a free Chegg account then we have a look at that article too. They provide many other services too, you can hire a tutor online who will help you to clear your doubts.

Campus Book Rentals

Another popular website to rent textbooks online. The website interference is simple which makes it easy to use for everyone. You can easily find your textbook on their website and rent it in a few clicks. They also have a section for selling your old books, you can make enough money from selling old books to rent your next semester books.

Best Websites to Buy Textbooks Online

There are situations when renting textbooks can cost you higher than purchasing books. If you need books for longer use and not for just a semester or you have a younger brother who uses your textbooks then buying textbooks seems the best option. So which are the best websites to buy textbooks online? I have answered this question below in this article. The listed website will strive to find your textbook at the cheapest price. We have gathered the best collection of online book rental and purchasing websites in this article. These will help all the students to save some extra money on study material expenditure.


This website offers Engineering, Medical, College and School Textbooks to buy online. Well, they are not just limited to study books but you can also find novels, comics, music, biography, etc. So if you are looking for a website that provides regular books at the cheapest price, then check out Alibris now. Tap on the search bar and enter the name of your desired book. You will be shown details on your screen including price, shipping options, etc. Just add your book in your cart and make payment and your book will be delivered to you.


The most used online shopping website on the planet is amazon. Hardly you will find anyone who has not heard their name. Amazon is leading in the books section too like all others. You can find your textbooks on amazon at the best prices. People think that buying textbooks online is a hard task but it’s a myth and nothing more than that. You can easily buy books from amazon easily like any other product. If you have amazon prime subscription then you will also get free one-day shipping.


It’s a simple website which can help you to find cheap textbooks to buy. While SlugBooks don’t sell any books on their own but they provide you a tool which compares prices from top booksellers like Chegg, Amazon, campus books, etc. You can click on the buy button next to every site to buy it from there. Along with that, you can also add your old books to sell on this website. Overall slug books are a great website to find cheap textbooks online for yourself.

Well, that’s it for this article. Forget your college campus book store and buy or rent your textbooks online from the listed website to save heaps of cash. Ensure to check the return policy of the website before renting textbooks so you don’t face any issue later while returning it. If you know some other sites that provide textbooks at reasonable prices and then I know in the comment section. Do share this article on social media websites and help your friends too with their textbooks shopping. Thanks for visiting, you can also check many more helpful articles like this on our blog.

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