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Things You Need to Know to Create a Great Content

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Things You Need to Know to Create a Great Content

Have you been writing for so long with your personal blog and it does not drive any traffic? Have you been writing in a revenue sharing sites but you noticed you are not getting enough views to make a paycheck? Have you thought to yourself that you might did something wrong in creating your content? There are lots of questions but one thing is for sure, it is not too late to make a great content. If it is not great, then good content. Every good content with a steady learning and reading could be a great content someday. Do you want to start now?
How to create a great content to earn you more with blogging? What are the things that people want to read from a blog?

1. People loves to read true stories

Everyone is basing their decision to some reviews from the people who really experienced a certain product or service. If you are sharing your true stories, for sure you gain readers. You can even gain subscribers. It is not depending on how it is written actually, but how the people read your views. 

2. People appreciates tutorials

At present days, people research for DIY and Tutorials to survive in a day. People learn to cook because of some tutorials at YouTube. They learned how to do their makeup, put up a small business, to exercise, and even to become a person that they are now. Without tutorials, they will still continue to do the old strategies to survive or might hire someone to do it for them, join a group for exercise and everything. Tutorials help them to stand on their own. Even if the tutorials used blog or video blogging, it works the same because it surely saved someones life. Find things that will apply on you.

3. Great and honest reviews is a must

We can find honest reviews with tutorials because for sure, the person who did the tutorials experienced it first before sharing it. From tutorials, people will able to trust what they read, especially with video blogging. You need to be honest to gain followers. Regardless of how bad your reviews, experienced count so be honest. 

4. Straight to the point and easy to understand “What is” content/articles

“What is” are those articles that answers question about certain things like “what is kidney stone” or if you type Kidney stone, you will be given an article. Health related articles could be time consuming if you use medical terms without a certain explanation. What do we know with the word Acute pancreatitis if we will not include to say that it is an inflammation of the pancreas. The reader will leave an article if it involves a lot of serious terms that you failed to explain the meaning. If you explain in a layman’s term, readers will surely understand it. Being straight to the point on the other hand means you do not use any flowery words just to make your article to look long and serious. Being direct to the point means you are hitting on the topic to answer the questions because people do not click your article if they did not find some answers on it. Let the answer be in your article, always. 

5. Using Pictures On and In between your Content.

I love pictures. Out of 10 people I asked today if they love pictures in my blogs, all of them said yes. Pictures, edited or not are great addition to make your articles be read. If you choose a great quality of pictures, people might stuck looking at those pictures but for sure they will be curious of what truly the picture is doing on that article. If you see a picture of a man with a knife, full of blood and seems chasing a lady in Google Images, surely you will click on the picture and read the articles right? That’s it, you need a great quality picture that you own to help your article to be of great content.

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