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The Essentials for Creating a Great Facebook Post

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The Essentials for Creating a Great Facebook Post

Facebook is a very powerful tool when used correctly but it’s hard to know just what exactly correct use is. What posts get the best engagement rates, click-through rates and what can you do to get successful results?

There is no one right way as everyone has different audiences and products so what works for one person and company, may not work for another.

However, there are some key elements that can increase the success rate of your post regardless of topic or industry. Check them out below:

A clear goal & message

Without a clear goal & message, it’s really easy for a post to lose focus and become confusing for the audience to read. Decide what you want your post to achieve from the outset and remember that throughout the creation process. Do you want to drive clicks, website visits, sign-ups or are you offering a special deal? The example below uses a clear call to action and the message is really obvious – the purpose of the ad is to entice people to Shop Now.

  1. Asks for audience engagement and makes it easy for them to do so
    A clear call to action is essential as it makes it really easy for the audience to understand what the purpose of the post is. A short call to actions are better and specific language makes it really easy for the audience to respond. Call to actions such as ‘sign up now’ or ‘shop now’ work really well. Other great ways to generate audience engagement include asking a question, photo captioning contest, choosing between option 1, 2 or 3 and fill-in-the-blank statements. Steer clear of encouraging people to share things on friends walls as Facebook views this sort of activity as spamming and it can land you in hot water!
  2. Includes an eye-catching image
    Photo posts always generate a lot of engagement but posts with clickable links generate even more! Combine these two techniques and you have a fool-proof engagement strategy! If you’re sharing a link in a post, ensure that the image that pulls through from the website is eye-catching and relevant to the copy being used in the post.
  3. Uses short, succinct copy
    Most people simply scan their Facebook feed as they scroll down so the shorter and easier to read your post is, the more likely it is to get cut-through and grab your audience’s attention. Just be careful not to use click-bait copy such as “You’ll never believe what happened when…” – Facebook is starting to crack down on this sort of language and you may get penalized.
  4. Varies in purpose and isn’t always promotional
    No one likes seeing purely promotional content – it gets annoying and people become blind to your message. Remember that Facebook is a platform to build a community so engage with your audience using humour, informative posts and value-add content to prevent your audience from being bored and losing interest. We recommend a 30-70 mix or promotional vs. non-promotional content.
  5. Is provocative
    Provocative content that inspires, makes people think or tugs at their heartstrings are another great way to encourage engagement. These posts tend to be easier for people to relate to just ensure that what you post reflects your brand’s personality and values. The most common form of these posts are memes – images with a quote or saying overlaid.

The most important thing to remember when posting anything to Facebook is to be authentic and to show that you understand your audience. Use clear language, a direct call to action, an image and a link back to the relevant area of your website and you can’t go wrong!

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