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How to start Affiliate Marketing without a Website

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How to start Affiliate Marketing without a Website

Did you know that even without a website or blog you can make money as an Amazon affiliate? If you knew already, lucky you but if you didn’t, also count today as your luckiest day since you are soon getting exposed to what you haven’t known before.

Amazon affiliates make real money by way of acting as middlemen/women between buyers and sellers of the different products. Depending on the Niche one decides to promote, you earn different amounts of money every time one buys after clicking your referral link.

The Myth

Many people think that the only way to become an Amazon affiliate and earn money by promoting products is to own a website. This is a myth since even those without a website or blog can make money on Amazon. The thing is that many of us go by words we hear others say other than testing or trying something new by our own selves.

The Fact

Being honest, it took me more than a good number of days trying to figure out a way I would earn on Amazon as an affiliate without a website. Indeed, my time and studies were not of waste since I was able to find a way which many people used indirectly and proved it worth after testing.

How to make money as Amazon affiliate without a website using Twitter

Twitter allows you to create a free account with no strings attached. You are not charged to post not even to follow. Once you create your account, you can begin by following profiles in the niche you want to promote and also target an outreach audience for example USA. 

After, start retweeting others tweets while at the same time you engage with your own. This will attract a large follower base with you make use of when you finally begin. Once you are ready to get started (having some good number of followers and of course interacting with others), you can create an Amazon affiliate account In the list of websites, simply add your Twitter profile link eg.
As always, Amazon will allow you in the program on condition that you have to make a sale within 90 days, and additionally your account must be approved by a staff once you sale or refer any sales. 

How to post amazon affiliate links on Twitter

Now that your Twitter and Amazon affiliate accounts are ready follow the below to start earning.

– Log into Twitter. You can also check the stay logged in.
– Log into Amazon affiliate account as well.
– Now visit
– Browse for products you want to promote and open each product link
– Look out for share options and select twitter.
– Click Tweet once page loaded and you are done.

Depending on the niche you are into, the more you post, the higher your chances of earning. Remember, you can as well customize your affiliate products posts in such a way which will attract more engagements.

If you’ve any questions, feel free to comment it below.

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