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Basics to Know About XML Sitemap

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Basics to Know About XML Sitemap

Do you want Google to notice your website? And crawl all the web pages? And then send the traffic to your website? If that is what you want, then your site needs to have the sitemap. WordPress has a sitemap option on the archive page. But apart from that, you can use the XML sitemap so that Google can crawl through the data. And get to index the pages that can be useful for sending the traffic. So here I am explaining what XML sitemap is and how it helps users.

What actually is XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemap is basically an XML file that contains all the URL in the database specific to the website. So let’s suppose that you have 20 pages worth of content on the website. The XML sitemap should contain those links. It can also set the priority on which you want certain pages to be visited. Like, say you want some pages visited daily or weekly. That gets added to the indexing when google bot arrives to your website.

Do I need XML Sitemap?

Yes, you need one. Every site should have one. Especially if you want to make money off the blogging or any other affiliate revenue. Most of the people who are building the business they should be definitely making use of this. The reason being their website will have pages that have business in it. And that needs to be probably needing the traffic so the sitemap can be handy. Both bing and Google quickly index the pages if it has the sitemap.

What does XML Sitemap contain?

XML sitemap file can be a systematic display of the URLs on the domain. And some of the files may also have instructions on what to do with do-follow and no-follow. If you check the sitemap XML, you can see that it contains URL and also it has option for adding other details on indexing. So I’d say this type of file can contain some important data for you to try out with what information you wish to share with the search engines.

How do I get one?

XML Sitemap can be rendered on a regular basis by using the plugin for your respective CMS. For example, WordPress has plenty of plugins that you can try out. Also, WordPress seems to be better with the SEO and the sitemaps. You can get it setup with the online tools too. Some of the tools that browse the website pages and make the XML sitemap. And that can be a good start for the quick installation on HTML based websites.

XML Sitemaps and robots.txt are some of the important files. You can provide a lot of search engine data using those files. I think it’d be interesting to read through the Google documentation on the search engine SEO. A lot of interesting data has been shared online by many websites and SEO websites.

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