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Basics to know about SSL for Bloggers

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Basics to know about SSL for Bloggers

Google Chrome and Firefox are enforcing SSL Certificates. And they are not allowing access to certain websites if they don't have the SSL Certificates. So you can see that it seems like a lot of changes are being done on the blogging side too. So anyone with a new blog should consider getting the SSL Certificate. This way, you can avoid being greylisted on the browsers. Here are a few reasons and facts that you should know about SSL Certificates.

Free SSL Certificates

There are many companies out there offering free SSL. And it would be best if you took the opportunity for the same as you can see that Free SSL Certificates are easy to get on some hosting sites. And other hosting sites expect you to pay. So it would be best if you were careful about where you are buying the hosting. Most of the Cpanel based hosts are offering the AutoSSL and LetsEncrypt SSL. So things are pretty much free on some hosting companies.

Types of Paid SSL Certificates

There are not only free but also paid types of SSL Certificates out there. So there seems to be a lot to learn as well. So if you want to find out the paid services that offer about security and other aspects, here's a short intro for you on how to make use of the paid SSL Certificates.

Domain Validation SSL Certificate

In this type of SSL Certificate, you get to use the single domain certificate. Or you can use it for the wildcard domain. That includes multiple subdomains under the main domain. So you can use the same certificate for all of them. It works for sites like say WordPress. You can get the SSL for free when you sign up under their free blog services. And also for the paid blogs. It comes automatically under a single domain or subdomain.

Organization Validation SSL Certificate

Let's say you are IBM, and you have many small businesses with different domain names. And you want to assure the user that you are the organization behind all of them. This is to establish confidence in the audience. As you can see, that is something you should be thinking about this type of certificate. It's easy to obtain just documentation and some credibility to digitally sign. So it works out for the companies.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

This one is one of the expensive certificates out there. And usually, the price depends on the companies backing up for the certificate. You can see that there seems to be a lot of companies out there who are promoting the expensive validation. Like, say Comodo and few others. I think as time goes on, there seems to be a lot of them move for the enterprise-level business. And companies have their backend for this. If you are just another blogger, ignore this type of certificate.

These are the types of SSL certificates you should be checking out. I am sure you'd learn a lot from experience. And there seem to be many new things that will surely change as time goes ahead.

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